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Galie: Reiki, color therapy, singing bowls, shamanism, meditation.

Originally from France, Galie is a Reiki Master (Usui method) who has taught and lived through Reiki for the last 10 years. From North and Central America to Asia, she has travelled the world as a nomad, living fully and truly to herself, meeting on the way many mentor and artists and other extraordinary people and exposing herself to a diversity of energetic healing practices. Strong of this rich healing experience, Galie teaches and practices Reiki in the context of wellness retreats and during individual, group or distance Reiki treatment sessions. Galie also actively practices yoga as a natural complement of Reiki, develops her creativity through dance and visual arts, and leads shamanic journeys inspired by her North American native experiences. Galie is the happy mother of two beautiful little girls, the first one born in Canada, the second in Thailand. Galie is enthusiastic and dedicate her life to her family and healing arts

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